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KNPHA Weblog
Kingston, Ontario Canada
Ver 2.0 December 2000      ISSN 1496-306X

These are some of the local Kingston and other housing resources which may be of some interest to the not-for-profit housing community. We hope they help you in obtaining housing information and solving problems. Suggestions for other resources, with comments, can be sent to dj@tmoz.com):


Kingston Home Base Housing
Home Base was started in the 1980s. It focuses on housing for single adults and youth in Kingston.

Tipi Moza (Iron Homes) Kingston
An urban native housing provider in Kingston with 17 scattered homes across the city.

Kingston Not-for-Profit Housing Association

Housing Help Centre 421 Barrie St., Kingston
opening December 2000 - Bill Crozier, Executive Director
A drop-in centre, voice mail boxes, temporary winter shelter, housing advocacy and counselling.

Kingston Housing Registry - at the Housing Help Centre
Run since its inception by Kingston Friendship Homes, the Registry recently consolidated it operations with the Housing Help Centre at 421 Barrie St., Kingston

Co-operative Housing Information
The Seaway Valley Co-operative Organization is a network of housing co-ops in the Belleville to Brockville area of Ontario


City of Ottawa Non-Profit Housing Corporation
City Living was started in the 1980s by the City of Ottawa. It is the municipally owned not-for-profit housing corporation in the City.

Federation of Ottawa-Carleton Tenants Association
OCISO Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Barrhaven Non-Profit Housing
Alliance Housing Co-operative Inc
A family housing co-operative in Ottawa's south end sponsored by the Public Service Alliance of Canada in the early 1980's.

Sidney Towers Housing Co-operative Inc
Formed in 1981, Sidney Towers is a not-for-profit housing co-op in the Dow's Lake area. It consists of 34 apartments in a mid-rise building and 7 stacked suites

Eileen Tallman Co-operative Homes
A 60 suite co-operative located in the West end of Ottawa.


Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
Raising the Roof - Solutions for Canada's Homeless
Ontario Assoc. of Non-Profit Homes & Services for Seniors
Seaway Valley Co-op Organization
Lanark County Non-Profit Housing Providers
Legion Park Village, Minden
London Community Housing Advisory Committee

Vacancies In Eastern Ontario Non-Profits
A listing of potential groups for individuals to apply for housing across Eastern Ontario

Seaway Valley Co-op Organization
The Thorncliffe Village Story
Petitions for non-profit housing to the Ontario Legislature


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canada's National Housing Agency
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
The national association of co-operative housing groups across Canada.
Housing Again - Housing Advocacy in Canada
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

EcoDesign Resource Centre


Support Center for Non-Profit Management

The Phoenix Commotion is committed to reducing the landfill waste-stream by diverting useable building materials into the construction of low-income housing, with an unskilled, minimum-wage labor force. Building the "after-market" house with this mission in mind
addresses three major social problems with one activity.

Fine Homebuilding
This Taunton Press magazine has a chat room, "Breaktime," where you can question builders and contractors. 

Bug Spray
How to deal with the disposition of pests that can cause trouble. It offers strategies the amateur can use.

Dirt Doctor
Natural solutions to dealing with pests with few chemicals.

Earth friendly and Self-Sufficient Architecture
Illustrates alternative construction techniques.

Alternative Homebuilding
Explores many alternative construction methods many fun, inexpensive options.

The Sustainable Design and Construction Database 
US National Park Service information - Sustainable Design and Construction Database


International Co-operative Alliance
The ICA represents co-operative organizations around the world