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Not-for-Profit Housing 'Snapshot' Survey

KNPHA is conducting a brief, voluntary survey of all existing not-for-profit housing groups in the Kingston area. The results of this survey will be used in our discussions and planning for the transfer of responsibility  for non-profit housing from the Provincial or Federal Government to local municipalities. Individual group data will not be released without the prior permission of the group. A copy of your annual budget and audited financial statements would assist us in completing the report. The complete survey report will be sent to each participating group. We appreciate your assistance in gathering this information. Please contact Pam Havery at 544-1744, Tom Greening at 542-6672 or Dave Jackson at 541-1099 if you need more information about the survey before you complete it.   Please send in your survey by April 30th, we would like to begin using this information in our discussions with City Hall in April.     

Housing Snapshot Survey        

Contact Name
Organization Name
Postal Code
E-mail Address
Preferred Method Of Contact
Preferred Time To Contact

What are your current financial assets?

What is the current balance of your mortgage?

What are your current financial liabilities?

How much Federal Subsidy do you receive?

How much Provincial Subsidy do you receive?

How much income tested assistance do you receive for your residents?

What is your annual income for housing operations?

What is the total of your annual maintenance expense?

What is your annual municipal tax expense?

What is the amount of your replacement (capital) reserves?

How many residents do you house?

How would you describe your organization?
(family/senior/special purpose/mixed)


What funding program or programs do you operate under?

How many homes/suites/hostel beds do you operate?

1 bedroom:  
2 bedroom:  
3 bedroom:  
4 bedroom:  
Special Purpose  

How many Board Members do you have in your organization?

How many staff members do you have in your organization?

How many properties do you own or lease?

Is there any special information on your organization that we need to know?


Could you please attach a copy of your audited financial statements to assist us with completing our report (all original copies will be returned or shredded; specific information on individual groups will not be released as part of our report)

Please tell us how to get in touch with you:

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Thank you for completing this survey!

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