Kingston History
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History of Not-for-Profit
Housing in Kingston

The history of not-for-profit housing in Kingston has many roots. One of the most significant milestones was the establishment of the Kingston Housing Authority ( now the Kingston and Frontenac Housing Authority) which developed and operated over 1000 houses and apartments in the Kingston area. The KHA was the major developer of not-for-profit housing in the 1950s and 1960s. Subsequently, a number of smaller community based groups built on this experience in the period 1970 to 1995 when development of housing ceased due to the elimination of both Federal and Provincial Housing programs.

   Original Photo at the KFHA Offices, Kingston - courtesy of Greg Grange
Photo Background:

"This framed photo was in the possession of Leo LaFleur (former manager K.H.A.) at time of his decease, Ebby Hare, in settling the estate, thought he would like same (Mrs. Earl suggested likewise) and gave me same on Aug 8/83 - Ray Quenneville"
Turning Sod of Riverview Court, Dec 18, 1959 11:30 AM
Montreal Street, Kingston

Original photo description:

"loaned by Marion R. Earl [former City Alderman]
Turning of sod of Riverview Court (4/85) December 18, 1959 at 11:30 a.m.
From left:
Allan Judd, Wally Elmer, Frank Lemay, Marion Earl, Wallace Macgregor members of Kingston Housing Authority
Hon. W.M. Nickle, Minister, Ontario Planning and Development,
B.G. Allmark, M.P., Mayor W.T. Miels"