Community Economic Development - CED
Links to Interesting Reading

  • The Emerging Secondary Market for Community Development Loans
    An article authored by Kathy Kenny, Community Investment Consultant, and Frank Altman, President and CEO of CRF, appearing in the Spring '97 issue of Community Investments, published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Financing Rural America
    A publication from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. It includes an article written by Frank Altman entitled &quotCommentary: Improving Secondary Markets in Rural America".
  • Will the Securitization Revolution Spread?
    An article by Ron Feldman appearing in the September '95 issue of The Region, a quarterly publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
  • OCC Advisory Letter 97-2, dated February 25, 1997
    This Advisory letter informs national banks of the standards that Community Development Securities must meet to qualify for purchase under the authority granted by the Investment Securities regulation, 12 CFR 1, and explains the treatment of those investments under the Community Reinvestment Act regulation, 12 CFR 25.
  • Investment Bulletin No. 11, California Organized Insurance Network (COIN)
    COIN has issued an investment bulletin announcing a $50,000,000 Advance Purchase Commitment for insurers to invest in CRF Revenue Bonds.