1999 Rental Guideline
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MMAH Release: July 16, 1998

Province Announces 1999 Rent Control Guideline

The rent control guideline for 1999 will be 3.0 per cent, the same as the guideline for 1998.

The guideline is the amount by which a landlord can increase the rent for a sitting tenant once each year without making an application to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal. Most tenants in Ontario receive a rent increase each year at or below the amount of the guideline.

The guideline is calculated annually using a formula which takes into account the inflation in the cost of operating a rental building.

While the guideline is being calculated for the first time under the new Tenant Protection Act, the formula for calculating the guideline is unchanged from the previous rent control legislation.

The 1999 guideline takes effect for rent increases which occur between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 1999.

For more information call:
Janet Mason              Anne Dundas
Housing Policy Branch	 Minister's Office
(416) 585-7019	         (416) 585-6486